Poultry for pets began with an interest for fresh produce, nearly 3 years ago, when our first son arrived. We started with 4 Warrens (Mel, Betroy, Egg and Toast). They all settled in very quickly, and we soon benefited from our very own fresh eggs.

 I have since increased my flock to include a Gold Laced Wyandotte (Poppy), and a Lavender Arucana (Derek), simply because she lays baby blue eggs. This makes it more interesting for the children.

 At the end of the second year Betroy decided to go broody, not ideal, but i decided to give her a chance, and she was eventually the proud mother of 8 Wyandottes. From then on I was hooked.

 This year I have successfully hatched 8 chicks, 5 welsummers, for their dark chocolate brown eggs and 3 Light sussex because they are a traditional english bird, and one of my favourite. 

                    The girls on their first day in their new home.

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